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For almost a century, Dosch King Emulsions has offered asphalt repairs, foundation, and seal coating services throughout New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and beyond. We are proud to be an emulsions materials supplier to a range of clients, including municipalities, businesses, and residential customers.

Choose Dosch King Emulsions for products including:

Tack Coats

A tack coat is applied to the surface of existing concrete pavement or asphalt before creating an overlay. The tack coat helps to adhere layers of road or pavement together and prevent spalling or fragmentation.

Our tack coat selection includes:

  • RS-1
  • RS-1H
  • CSS-1H
  • CRS-1
  • CRS-1H
  • High-Performance Trackless Tack Coat

Chip Seal

A chip seal combines one or more layers of asphalt with one or more layers of fine aggregate. This helps to create an effective moisture barrier and enhanced skid resistance. The chip seal helps reduce deterioration and the effects of oxidation and aging from water and the sun.

Our chip seal materials include:

  • CRS-2
  • CRS-2PM
  • RS-2


Microsurfacing extends the life of the pavement by providing a protective seal coat. It is composed of finely crushed stone and a tough layer of asphalt emulsion. This helps to seal minor cracks and irregularities while renewing the road surface.

Our micro surfacing materials include:

  • CSS-1HPM


Composed of petroleum solvent and asphalt cement, a cutback has a lower viscosity than typical emulsions. Cutbacks are often used for patching in cold weather.

Our cutback materials include:

  • RC-70

Additional Information

Cold patch available in bulk or bags
Products are available in 5-gallon pails up to full-size tanker loads.
Pick up or delivery available.
We can drop a tanker or pallet off at your location.

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Our Pavement & Road

Construction Services Including:

We use top-of-the-line computerized liquid distributor trucks and computerized chip spreads to ensure our work is consistently smooth, durable and uniform. As the industry has grown and created stronger products, procedures and equipment, we have continued to remain cutting edge industry leaders, if not at the forefront.

Supplier & Manufacturer

Dosch King Emulsions is a major supplier of high-quality and trusted emulsions and polymer additives, producing multiple products for various grades, and extensive stone retention for chip seal work. When your road construction or pavement project is ready to begin, you can rely on our time-tested supplies and manufactured goods.

Complete Road Construction

No matter the size of your road-construction project, Dosch King Emulsions can lay the roads, pavement and sealing you need. Whether adding a small outlet to a neighborhood, building an entire parking lot, widening a city street or building miles and miles of thruway — we can do it, and have already done so many times over.

Full-depth Reconstruction Paving

There comes a time when a road, parking lot or driveway can no longer take patch and seal work and requires a fresh start. We are prepared and equipped to grade, level and replace pavement and sealant work for entire or partial sections of road and thruway systems.

Decorative Driveways

A driveway can be so much more than the small patch of pavement you cross over enroute to the garage. It can serve as an extension of your aesthetic style, raise the value of your home and provide extended security. For unique stone driveways and custom-paved designs, Dosch King Emulsions can truly deliver.

Crack Sealing

A crack in the road is formed overtime due to any number of environmental variables: heavier traffic flow than the original design was meant for, severe weather changes (hot to cold quickly), or expected wear and tear over time. After cleaning the cracks of any excess debris, we will use the finest hot poured rubberized sealant material on the market to fill the crack. We’ll finish with clearing the extra sealant materials and leveling or recessing the finish for the exact result desired. We then seal for a long-lasting finish.

Chip Seal

Chip Seal is a long-tested and solid solution for pavement preservation. By nature, chip seal is a great way to prevent advanced deterioration of asphalt from natural water intrusion due to weather and moisture build-up, oxidation, and consistent wear. Apart from elongating a pavement’s durability, chip seal improves general safety by providing skid resistance during wet weather conditions. Chip Seal can be applied in multiple layers when needed, following our precision process of applying emulsified asphalt and clean aggregate. Once the stone is applied, we finish off with our pneumatic tire rollers that will compact all loose aggregate while maintaining the material’s firm base. Through these steps, our chip seal lasts a strong 5-7 years.

Micro Surfacing

This is an incredible technology we are proud to offer in conjunction with so many of our other services. Micro-surfacing can solve an impressive number of issues that we are seeing in more and more paved spaces from thruways to side streets and parking lots. Micro-surfacing is a great way to provide high-level skid resistance, uniform road color and surface restoration on slow to high-speed and heavily trafficked roadways. It is a truly versatile and long-lasting solution.

  • Reclamation
  • Tack Coat Material/Packaged in 5 Gallon Pails
  • Penetrations
  • Pavement Cut Backs
  • Site Work
  • Parking Lot Repairs
  • Crackfill Supplier
  • Driveway Resurfacing



Additional Pavement & Sealant Services

  • Cape Seal
  • Cold Mix-Paving
  • Fog Seals
  • Decorative Stone Driveways
  • Rough & Fine Grading
  • Storm Drains
  • Curbs & Sidewalks
  • Potholes & Leveling
  • High-Performance Cold Patch (bulk pickup or 30 lbs bag available)
  • Reclamation
  • Tack Coat Material/Packaged in 5 Gallon Pails
  • Penetrations
  • Pavement Cut Backs
  • Site Work
  • Parking Lot Repairs
  • Crackfill Supplier
  • Driveway Resurfacing

Dosch King Emulsions