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Dosch King Co Inc

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Dosch King Co Inc In Whippany, NJ

Serving The Northeast & New England Since 1926

When it comes to finding a company that can build, restore, repair and seal pavement projects as small as a driveway and as large as any major municipal or commercial project, trust Dosch King Co Inc in Whippany, NJ. In an industry that has only existed for approximately 150 years, Dosch King Co Inc has been successfully in business for nearly 100 years. We perform every service there is for building roads, driveways and parking lots. From manufacturing and supplying the materials, to laying asphalt, sealing it, microsurfacing and everything in between and after, we do it all. We’ve built a tremendous amount of experience to guide us and are proud of quality products and workmanship.

Dosch King Co Inc


Keeping Roads Sealed and Smooth Since 1926, Dosch King Co Inc

Pavement Preservation Services & More

Dosch King Co Inc has aided in the expansion and preservation of major roads and thruways, residential driveways and commercial lots throughout New Jersey and beyond. We work hard to ensure we can support the preservation of pavement and road systems long since established, as well as modern roads and driveways. For this reason, we have continued to expand our goods and services to ensure we have the highest quality products and deliver consistent work with finely calibrated machines and top-tier technology.

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