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Pavement Preservation

The Dosch-King Company has been in the pavement preservation business for nearly a century.

For over 80 years

The Dosch-King Company has been a successful road construction business, and it all started with just two men.

In 1970

Dosch-King Emulsions was formed, and it has been a successful road emulsion manufacturing company ever since.

We do everything

Since 1926, Dosch-King serving many municipalities, as well as commercial and residential customers.

Crack Sealing

Crack Sealing is a hot poured rubberized sealant. The material comes packaged in 30lb. blocks and is melted in a double walled kettle and applied @450 degrees. The process involves cleaning the existing cracks with forced air and then applying the rubberized sealant and striking off the excess material to leave the material even or recessed with the roadway.

Chip Seal

Chip Seal is the process of applying emulsified asphalt at a measured amount to a clean stable surface and then place clean aggregate over the emulsion. Once the stone is applied, pneumatic tire rollers compact all loose aggregate while not pulverizing the material. Chip Seal leaves a wearing surface that gives a 5-7 year life cycle. Chip Seals can be applied using either 3/8” size aggregate or ¼” size. Also, Chip Seals can be applied in multiple layers.

Micro Surfacing

Micro-surfacing is a polymer modified cold mix paving system which incorporates carefully selected materials, detailed design parameters, advanced technical specifications and proven field practices to remedy a broad range of problems on today’s streets, highways and commercial parking facilities.

Micro-surfacing allows for quick traffic, high skid resistance, uniform block color, surface restoration, and service life to high-speed, heavy traffic roadways.

Cape Seal

A Cape Seal is an application of Chip Seal followed by an application of Micro-Surfacing. This technique is designed for roads that show significant wear and extensive cracking. The Chip Seal application provides a ‘bridge” for the deteriorated surface and the Micro-Surfacing addresses the smooth finish.

Cold Mix-Paving

Cold Mix-Paving or OGEM is an open graded emulsified mix. It is a porous pavement that allows for enhanced drainage and is to stabilize dirt roads.

Fog Seals

Fog Seals apply a lite application of emulsion to bind existing roads that may show signs of unraveling.