About Us

history-01Maybe you have seen of one of our trucks somewhere in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, or Rhode Island. You might have even seen our trucks working in your town, perhaps right on your own street. For over 80 years, the Dosch-King Company has been a successful road construction business, and it all started with just two men.

history-05In 1926 James King, the first asphalt salesman in New Jersey, along with Joseph Dosch, formed the Dosch-King Company, Inc. and entered the liquid tar and asphalt distribution field. The business grew rapidly; at the peak of the liquid business they sold over six million gallons per year. In the 1940’s, with the waning of liquid asphalt and tar usage, the company branched out into the road construction and Chip Sealing business. Since then, Chip Seal has become Dosch-King’s most successful field of service.

history-03In 1970, Dosch-King Emulsions was formed, and it has been a successful road emulsion manufacturing company ever since. Recently the company began introducing polymer additives to various grades of products, providing a much greater stone retention on chip seal work.

Dosch-King serves many municipalities, as well as commercial and residential customers. They do everything from decorative stone driveways, rough grading, fine grading, storm drains, curbs , and sidewalks, to full-depth reconstruction paving and complete road construction . In New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut, Dosch-King specializes in Chip Seal work, using the most modern computerized liquid distributor trucks and computerized chip spreaders. These units permit exact application of liquid and stone chips, effecting uniform, excellent results. In 2001, the Dosch-King Company became involved in the preventative maintenance process of Microsurfacing, which they believe will greatly compliment their already existing products.


James King III bought out the Dosch interests and became the sole owner of the corporation after Joseph Dosch died. The company has stayed in the King family, and is now in the fourth King generation.

So if you need to resurface your driveway, pave your parking lot, or are interested in any of our other services, be sure to give us a call. We’ll be glad to help!