Residential Projects

Dosch-King has been installing high end decorative stone-seal driveways for over 5 decades throughout the tri-state and Southern New England area. For homes, estates, horse farms, walking trails and beach communities. With many different colors, shades and shapes you’re sure to find a look that fits your style and décor.

Services provided:

  • Full installation from new homes to existing driveways requiring a resurfacing
  • Two tone look with border one color and body of driveway a second shade
  • Gravel only installations

How we do it

Step #1 Preparation

If the driveway is existing but in poor shape it would be recommended to remove it. New virgin material should then be installed and graded for proper drainage.

Step #2 Installation
Once the aggregate surface is properly compacted the emulsion can then be applied accurately to the desired application rate as determined based on the existing conditions. Once the emulsion is applied the desired aggregate should be immediately placed to ensure proper adhesion.

Step#3 Compaction
As soon as the product are installed material should be rolled and compacted to ensure adhesion and grades have been maintained.